2016 Vandaleer: Top Ten Stories

Feature Photo by Rebecca Kiger

Here are the Top Ten stories of the year on Vandaleer.com, a new site that is unapologetically Pro-West Virginia.

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Editor’s Note: This Top Ten list was compiled using Google analytics and social media engagement data.



West Virginia, My Home

Nevada Tribble

“West Virginia produces things that are unrefined, things that transform into what powers the world: timber, coal, gas…and people.”


Thousand-Year Flood Picture is Wroth a Thousand Words

Crystal Good

“I let go of my guilt knowing that pictures, poems and listening was just another way to be of service.”


Zach Abraham Will Never Outrun the Catch

Steve Novotney

“It meant something to us as players for a lot of different reasons, and one of them was because we knew how much it meant to the people of the state.”


Yes Virginia There is a West Virginia


“Really, I have a cousin in Richmond, how close to there?”


Of This Place

Laura Jackson Roberts

“That is until I stand in these ancient valleys. And then I’m quite certain where I belong.”


Why I am Staying in West Virginia

Amanda Gribble


I Moved Back to West Virginia on Purpose

Jon-Erik Gilot

“I’m not in Wheeling because I have to be. I’m not here because I failed and I’m not here because I couldn’t be anywhere else. I’m in Wheeling on purpose.”


The Huntington Misconception

Shannon Lester

“No, I’m not from here, but I feel like I am.”


The Shape We Are In

Mary Jo Yak

“Just as they make fun of our culture and our people, let’s consider the way the rest of the world butchers our cartography.”


This is Vandaleer: More Than a Story

Samantha Cart