Why West Virginia’s Schools Are Opening Their Playgrounds and Gyms for Community Use

Recess can be an important—and even beloved—part of a child’s school day. It’s a time to laugh, jump, run and simply be a kid.

But today, many children do not get the recommended amount of physical activity for multiple reasons, including not having access to safe playgrounds and gym facilities when the school day is over. But that can change.

Research has demonstrated that providing communities with safe places to be active helps families exercise more, allows kids to be more physically active, and can lead to higher academic performances.

Photo courtesy of Mon Extended Day Learning.

shared-use-infographicShared use of school recreational facilities, including running tracks, pools and playgrounds, is an opportunity to address a growing issue—childhood obesity.

Check out the infographic at right to learn what other West Virginians like you think about the importance of shared use facilities in West Virginia.

Now is time to make physical activity accessible for all families and unlock the doors to healthier kids and communities by making school facilities accessible to all.

Does your school already have a shared use agreement in place with your local community? If so, I’d love to hear from you.

We are tracking the number of schools in West Virginia that have shared use agreements, and want to make sure that your school is included!